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The Goddess

  • The Goddess

    London Sub Vacancy

    I need to find Myself an obedient loyal sub in London… so that I can attend things like @ClubPedestal, foot parties, and see My beautiful Domme friends more often. It just makes sense.

    If you think you have what it takes, make your introduction to Me.

    I’m looking for a sub that is service orientated, that understands their role is to please Me through practical and dedicated submission.

    This means running errands, being on hand to make My life run more smoothly when I’m in London, eager to act as a human wallet or ATM when needed, and, more than anything, is someone that I can trust.

    Introduce yourself with a tribute here.

  • The Goddess

    Today’s Mood

    You’re nothing but a wallet to use and destroy, to empty, to leave discarded on the floor after use.

    Fuck you, pay Me… words to live by.