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  • Could you handle it?

    Would you let Me lock you away in chastity and take control of your cock? Then lucky you! Read on:

    Chastity and denial are two of My favourite kinks, and the weight of the keys to your cock around My neck just feels… right. If you’re very good, you may find yourself locked and denied for years, like one of My most obedient pets.

    It’s not for the faint at heart – the ache he feels when I tease and torment him makes him realise that he is Mine, but it’s far more than that. It’s the continuous physical reminder of his submission and devotion to Me, the way the cage constantly constrains him, and ensures that his focus, his goals, and his life all add value to Mine.

  • Tease… and denial

    There’s something wonderful about the sound a man makes when he’s desperate, kept on edge, and denied. The sound of the frustration, and how weak and vulnerable it leaves them.

    I adore the sense of control it gives Me, the way that they’ll do anything to please Me, to serve and amuse Me.

    I love the way they grovel at My feet, desperate for release and yet… kept denied, on edge, because they crave it more than they want to admit.

    They crave the feeling it gives them. The way it makes them oh so much more submissive and eager to please.

    So, gents, how do you feel about denial?

  • The birthday countdown begins…

    It’s just 30 days until My birthday… I can’t quite believe it. The year has gone so fast, but somehow some things never change. Still like to cam in the evenings when I can, still love wrapping submissive men around My little finger, still love to tease and torment them.

    The one thing that has changed is that I’ve started to work out at the gym. About 18 months ago I discovered I love the endorphin rush that comes from a good work out, and after finally recovering from ‘vid (mostly), I’m now back at the gym and loving it.

    So, if you notice some changes over the next few months, don’t be surprised. That being said, I’ll still keep My curves, I promise!

  • It’s coming!

    With less than a month to go until My birthday, it’s time to start the spoiling!

    You can find My big birthday countdown over on Wishtender now. Simply send the tributes before someone else beats you to it… join in here.

    Prefer to send gifts? You can find My Amazon Wishlist here.

    Alternatively, send any amount via WishTender or email Amazon UK gift cards to Ms-Smyth@outlook.com – either way, I expect to be spoiled and pampered.

  • Be useful to your Goddess…

    Be of use to Me and pick up one of these debt contracts. As a reward for being selfless and obedient you will get progress photos.

    Gym: £40 per month or £10 per week

    Personal Trainer: £120 per month, or £30 per week.

    Custom amounts also available.

    Introduce yourself with a tribute here.

  • London Sub Vacancy

    I need to find Myself an obedient loyal sub in London… so that I can attend things like @ClubPedestal, foot parties, and see My beautiful Domme friends more often. It just makes sense.

    If you think you have what it takes, make your introduction to Me.

    I’m looking for a sub that is service orientated, that understands their role is to please Me through practical and dedicated submission.

    This means running errands, being on hand to make My life run more smoothly when I’m in London, eager to act as a human wallet or ATM when needed, and, more than anything, is someone that I can trust.

    Introduce yourself with a tribute here.

  • Today’s Mood

    You’re nothing but a wallet to use and destroy, to empty, to leave discarded on the floor after use.

    Fuck you, pay Me… words to live by.